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LWAM is a non-profit making, non-political, non-denominational Christian organization registered in the United Kingdom whose mission is to actively preach the good news of Jesus Christ in all the world and to demonstrate His love and power so that others may believe and know Him. We are disciples of Jesus Christ who have heeded to The Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20). Our Lord Jesus Christ sent his church into the world to preach the gospel of his grace and to care for the needy with a compassion like his. Christ commanded us to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth. Our Purpose is to proclaim His Good News to all people, everywhere and at all times

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To actively preach the good news of Jesus Christ in the whole world and to demonstrate His love and power so that others may believe and know Him.

The love of Christ compels us. It is our joy to share the love of Christ because we have experienced it. It is our conscious and deliberate aim to proclaim this love to the uttermost parts of the Earth. Our message is the good news of God’s everlasting love - we preach CHRIST. 


We are also devoted to teaching and training believers to obey Christ, grow and mature into being like Him and to do what He did.


An apostle is a disciple who is ‘sent away’ to preach the Gospel. A disciple is a believer who is taught, trained and equipped to love, obey and follow Jesus.


As an apostolic ministry, we seek to follow Jesus and to become His active witnesses, telling people about Him and sharing His plan of salvation with them.

We believe that ALL people matter to God and therefore must matter to us. We seek to be intentional in reaching out by using all available means to fulfil the great commission of making disciples. We are totally devoted to missional disciple-making across diverse cultural contexts.


It is our purpose to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ to individuals and families in the United Kingdom and overseas by meeting their emotional needs and physical needs through charitable work.


We were created for the purpose of doing good deeds. Our deeds done in the power of the Holy Spirit validate our proclamation of the Gospel; whereas, a lack of good works, or bad works, invalidates our Gospel message.

The Visionary

Victor Erastus Karaba Muriithi is an ordained Pastor under the auspices of Full Gospel Churches of Kenya. Currently commissioned to serve in diaspora, Victor is the founder and visionary of Living Word Apostolic Ministries (LWAM) a global disciple-making and community impact ministry registered in the UK. Whilst not on mission trips or on itinerant apostolic engagements, Victor fellowships and serves at Kingdom Faith Church in Horsham under spiritual oversight of Pastors Clive and Jane Urquhart. 

Victor was born and raised in a Pentecostal Christian home in Kenya. Upon graduating high school, he went to Kenyatta University to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. During his first month as a freshman at the University in 2001, a prophetic word was spoken to him publicly during Mission Week by Rev. Elisha Odero that God had set him apart for the work of the ministry and that he would reach the nations with the gospel. God would, at that meeting, give him a divine mandate and divine unction that set him on the path to ministry.


Victor became an active member of the university’s Christian Union (KUCU) where he was actively involved in leadership and other aspects of outreach and evangelism. It is at this time that a passion for mission work and reaching out to the nations was laid in Victor’s heart in line with the prophetic word. 

After graduating, Victor worked for a financial institution as a credit analyst for two years before relocating to the UK in 2006 where he trained and qualified as a lawyer. Victor is not only a seminary graduate, but he also is a holder of many academic and professional qualifications as well as a member of various professional organisations. He presently works as legal consultant and as a lecturer in the UK where he has established himself as a full-time marketplace Kingdom ambassador.


Victor is a dynamic preacher and passionate teacher of the Word of God. He has been a blessing to many through his God given ability to effectively communicate Gods Word with deep revelation, clarity and power. The grace to study scriptures, draw vital lessons from it and share these with others under the power of the Holy spirit has seen his ministry touch lives.


Victor has been a guest speaker in numerous national and international meetings and has travelled impacting many cities in several nations on different continents (Africa, North America, Asia and Europe), leaving people transformed by the power of God.

Victor has written four books: Seeing the Divine Perspective and Audacious Living and Mind your Inheritance. These books are on international distribution (via Amazon) and many testimonies have been received from people who have read these Christ-Centred books.


Victor is happily a devoted husband and a doting father of two wonderful children. He lives in West Sussex, UK.

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